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IV Drip Therapy


inTravenus IV therapy that recharges your body of all your daily nutrient needs. This infusion contains most vitamins and minerals that will aid in combating the effects of stress and fatigue.

45min – $349.99 


InTravenus IV Therapy infused with vitamins and minerals that supplements any preparation and/or recovery from exhausting and strenuous long workouts, inflammations and prior and/or after surgeries.

 60min – $275


inTravenus IV therapy help boost your recovery after a long night out or long flight to replenish your body. This quick recovery mix with essential vitamins and minerals can replenish and hydrate your body in no time. An additional boost is available to combat headache and nausea to get you feeling relieved instantly.

45min – $239.99


inTravenus IV therapy activates your skin, hair and nails by detoxifying the body which promotes glowing skin, healthier nails and nourished hair.

60min – $335


inTravenus IV therapy helps boost your immune system with high dose of vitamin C and other healthy nutrients preventing common colds or flu like symptoms. A stronger immune system can help you fight off infections associated with factors that decreases the immune system like stress, lack of sleep and jet-lag.

45min – $275

Myer’s Cocktail

Myer’s Cocktail has been known to be helpful for a wide range of clinical conditions with sometimes dramatic results. The mixture of various essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants were seen with helpful results in conditions like asthma, fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine, depression, angina, upper respiratory infection, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, urticaria, hyperthyroidism and improved athletic performance.

45min – $279.99

Skinny Drip

The Skinny Drip formulated with a powerful amino acid, L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine functions to transport the fatty acids from blood to the energy producing cells called mitochondria so that these energy can be used as energy. Thus, this drip will enhance your fat-burning capabilities. Along with L-Carnitine, ThiocticAcid or Lipotocin/ALA and Vitamin C is incorporated to this drip. These are powerfulanti-oxidants. Thioctic acid is used by our body to breakdown carboyhydrates. It may help slow the process of aging, may help increase energy, improve skin, help mitigate the effects of stress,may support joint and muscle discomfort, detoxify liver and cells, improved mental clarity and focus. Vitamin C, the powerful immune booster and helps reduce cellular damage. The perfect drip for anyone who wants support with weight loss and athletic performance.

35min – $250

Snow White Drip

Glutathione A powerful anti-oxidant which improves liver function and supports nerve function and has a whitening side effect. Through it’s activity, it may boost immunity, act as anti-aging and improves quality of the skin. Lipotocin or AlphaLipoic Acid Is another powerful anti-oxidant that we may produce in small amounts in our body.It is used to breakdown carboyhydrates in our bodies. may help slow the process of aging, increase energy, improve skin, help mitigate the effects of stress,may support joint and muscle discomfort, detoxify liver and cells, improved mental clarity and focus, and may aid in weight loss. It is linked to benefits like lower blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, slowed skin aging and improved nerve function. Vitamin C Is another potent antioxidant that reduce cellular damage and potentiates the absorption of other anti-oxidants. It enhances the health-promoting effects of exercise. boosts immunity and promotes healthier skin.

30min – $250

Extra Boost


This injection help promote weight lost by boosting the body to burn fat quicker and speed up your metabolism.

5min – $89

Glutathione IV push 

This molecule found naturally in your body. Produced by the liver, glutathione is made up of three amino acids: L-cysteine, glycine, and L-glutamate. Detox your body with the most powerful anti-oxindant that can help restore your skin, hair and nails. Glutathione is known as the “master anti-oxidant”, which has the ability to lower oxidative stress loads and combat anti-aging effects. Glutathione decreases with age and chronic illness. It was also seen that low levels are associated with Parkinson’s disease. Research has shown that raised glutathione levels decrease muscle damage, reduce recovery time, increase strength and endurance, and shift metabolism from fat production to muscle development. Glutathione also boost the immune system and has the ability to lighten skin through by converting melanin to a lighter color which can make skin glow.

5min – $75

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin is essential for cell growth, reproduction, and blood cell formation. Low levels of Cobalamin are known to cause neurological disorders, anemia, asthma, and fatigue.

5min – $35

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