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For nearly two thousand years, the sauna has been an essential part of life in Finland. The Finns are true to their traditions of sauna bathing. In today’s modern world, many people are now also using saunas and enjoying the many benefits they have to offer. Saunacore conventional saunas are designed to heat the room up to very high temperatures. This in turn opens clogged pores through perspiration and sweat, emitting harmful toxins that are captured in the skin.

The body’s natural way to cleanse itself is through perspiration. The sauna’s high temperature (average 180°F) and low humidity (25%) create an environment that promotes overall perspiration, which flushes away impurities and deep cleanses the pores. This special combination of high heat and low humidity soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves stress, and promotes a wonderful feeling of well-being. During a sauna, circulation, rate of breathing, and pulse rate increase. Ten minutes in the sauna is comparable to doing ten minutes of aerobic activity.

Relieves pain and stiffness from arthritis
Beautifies, cleanses, and clears skin and complexion
Helps to burn calories and lose weight
Relieves muscular aches and pains
Sharpens senses
Boosts immune and cardiovascular systems
Eliminates harmful toxins trapped in the skin
Relieves stress and anxieties
Revitalizes the mind and body
Energizes the body

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